IC Bus

IC Bus (Express-Bus)

For travellers from the south of the Netherlands

  • Comfortable and fast
  • Power outlets at every seat
  • Snacks and drinks available
  • Free WiFi
  • Including seat reservation
  • Toilet on board

From June 30, the IC Bus will no longer be running.

Buying tickets

You can easily book a reserved seat from € 9 one-way trip. You can buy tickets for IC Bus online at NSInternational.nl. You can also book your ticket by phone from NS International Service Center (030-2300023, local rate). Depending on availability, there are tickets available on board.

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  • Route

    Routes IC Bus

    • Dusseldorf - Roermond (Outletcenter) - Eindhoven - Antwerp*
    • Dusseldorf - Maastricht - Liège
    *it is not possible to book the route Roermond - Eindhoven and v.v.
    Buses depart at least 2 times a day on this routes.

    Routes and travel times

    Departure from Eindhoven

    Bus station Eindhoven is located less than 200 metres from Eindhoven trainstation at the JF Kennedylaan/Limbopad.
    Bus station Eindhoven

    Departure from Roermond (Outletcenter)

    Bus station Roermond (Outletcenter/Stadskantoor) is located at a 15-minute walk from trainstation Roermond.
    Bus station Roermond

    Departure from Maastricht

    Busstop Maastricht (Meerssenerweg 233) is located at a 6 minute walk from the station.
    IC bus stop at Maastricht

    Departure from Dusseldorf ZOB

    It is a 5-minute walk from train station Dusseldorf Hbf to bus platform Dusseldorf ZOB.
    Bus station Düsseldorf

    Departure from Antwerp Central

    Bus station Antwerp Central is located at Koningin Astridplein, platform 7
    Bus station Antwerp

    Departure from Liège

    Bus station Liège is located at Rue Varin.
    Bus station Liege

  • On board

    Comfort on board

    IC Buses are double-deckers, equipped with modern facilities. You can enjoy excellent comfort on an IC Bus:
    • Free WiFi
    • Air conditioning
    • Power outlets
    • Ample seating space
    • Room for luggage
    • Modern facilities
    • Toilets
    • Safety features
    • In addition, snacks and beverages will be available

  • Impaired mobility

    Travelling with impaired mobility

    In principle it is possible for passengers in a wheelchair to travel with an IC Bus. Passengers must, however, be aware of some limitations:
    • A passenger in a wheelchair can travel if they can sit in a normal seat.
    • It must be possible for the wheelchair to be folded.
    • If a wheelchair user is travelling alone, they must be able to get on and off without assistance.
    • Unfortunately, the toilets are not equipped for wheelchair users. However, there are toilets for the disabled available during stopovers.
    • When folded, the maximum size of orthopaedic devices, including a wheelchair, is: 1.20m length, 0.35m width and 1.09m height.
    • Devices may be brought onboard an IC Bus as long as there is sufficient space available.

  • Luggage


    You can store a maximum of 2 pieces of hand luggage at your seat in an IC Bus, with a maximum dimension of 70cm x 50cm x 30cm. In principle, at the bottom of the bus there is room for other luggage (normal sizes suitcases, strollers etc.); unfortunately we cannot guarantee there is room.


    It is not permitted to bring a dog on board an IC Bus, with the exception of an assistance dog.


    Bicycles are not permitted on board of an IC Bus.

    Infant carrier

    Children up to 4 years old are obligated to have their own seat and infant carrier. We kindly request you to bring your own infant carrier.
    Read more about travelling with children