IC Bus

IC Bus (Express-Bus)

For travellers from the south of the Netherlands

  • Comfortable and fast
  • Power outlets at every seat
  • Snacks and drinks available
  • Free WiFi
  • Including seat reservation
  • Toilet on board

Buying tickets

You can easily book a reserved seat from € 9 one-way trip. You can buy tickets for IC Bus online at NSInternational.nl. You can also book your ticket by phone from NS International Service Center (030-2300023, local rate). Depending on availability, there are tickets available on board.

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  • Route

    Routes IC Bus

    • Dusseldorf - Roermond (Outletcenter) - Eindhoven - Antwerp*
    • Dusseldorf - Maastricht - Liège
    *it is not possible to book the route Roermond - Eindhoven and v.v.
    Buses depart at least 2 times a day on this routes.

    Routes and travel times

    Departure from Eindhoven

    Bus station Eindhoven is located less than 200 metres from Eindhoven trainstation at the JF Kennedylaan/Limbopad.
    Bus station Eindhoven

    Departure from Roermond (Outletcenter)

    Bus station Roermond (Outletcenter/Stadskantoor) is located at a 15-minute walk from trainstation Roermond.
    Bus station Roermond

    Departure from Maastricht

    Bus station Maastricht is located in front of the train station.
    Bus station Maastricht

    Departure from Dusseldorf ZOB

    It is a 5-minute walk from train station Dusseldorf Hbf to bus platform Dusseldorf ZOB.
    Bus station Düsseldorf

    Departure from Antwerp Central

    Bus station Antwerp Central is located at Koningin Astridplein, platform 7
    Bus station Antwerp

    Departure from Liège

    Bus station Liège is located at Rue Varin.
    Bus station Liege

  • On board

    Comfort on board

    IC Buses are double-deckers, equipped with modern facilities. You can enjoy excellent comfort on an IC Bus:
    • Free WiFi
    • Air conditioning
    • Power outlets
    • Ample seating space
    • Room for luggage
    • Modern facilities
    • Toilets
    • Safety features
    • In addition, snacks and beverages will be available

  • Impaired mobility

    Travelling with impaired mobility

    In principle it is possible for passengers in a wheelchair to travel with an IC Bus. Passengers must, however, be aware of some limitations:
    • A passenger in a wheelchair can travel if they can sit in a normal seat.
    • It must be possible for the wheelchair to be folded.
    • If a wheelchair user is travelling alone, they must be able to get on and off without assistance.
    • Unfortunately, the toilets are not equipped for wheelchair users. However, there are toilets for the disabled available during stopovers.
    • When folded, the maximum size of orthopaedic devices, including a wheelchair, is: 1.20m length, 0.35m width and 1.09m height.
    • Devices may be brought onboard an IC Bus as long as there is sufficient space available.

  • Luggage


    You can store a maximum of 2 pieces of hand luggage at your seat in an IC Bus, with a maximum dimension of 70cm x 50cm x 30cm. In principle, at the bottom of the bus there is room for other luggage (normal sizes suitcases, strollers etc.); unfortunately we cannot guarantee there is room.


    It is not permitted to bring a dog on board an IC Bus, with the exception of an assistance dog.


    Bicycles are not permitted on aboard an IC Bus.