Cookies on NSInternational

Why cookies?

NS International uses cookies on its websites. Cookies are small (textual) files. When you visit NS International websites, small textual files are stored on your peripheral equipment (computer, tablet, etc.), or small textual files that NS International previously stored can be accessed again. Many of the cookies - ones known as functional session cookies - are used to make your visit of the site go smoothly. Cookies may for instance be used for supplying services or remembering settings. These cookies are used for (1) remembering the products that you purchase during online shopping; (2) remembering and passing on the information that you provide during the login process or that you leave on the various web pages during the ordering process, so that you do not have to keep entering the same data again each time; (3) saving your preferences and (4) detecting misuse of our websites.

Besides the functional cookies the websites of NS International also place cookies for Google Analytics. Google Analytics is used by us to understand the use of our site, identify potential problems and to solve these problems.

How to delete cookies?

You can delete the cookies stored on your computer at any moment. This is very easy to do. Click on one of the links at the bottom to get to the help section of your browser.
Please be advised that you probably have to login again or change your settings on most websites after deleting cookies.