Onze visie op mobiliteit

Our vision for mobility

NS International opens new avenues

Met de hogesnelheidstrein introduceerde NS International een compleet nieuwe visie op mobiliteit. De verplaatsing van bijvoorbeeld Amsterdam naar Parijs is niet meer het enige wat telt. Het gaat ook om gemak, comfort en efficiency. Zorgeloos op reis: dát is de basis van onze visie.

Everything becomes accessible

The world is getting smaller all the time and we can go wherever we want. But then, preferably without hindrances such as traffic jams and check-in times. For medium-long distances, high-speed trains offer the best travel solution.

Opening up Europe

Obviously, the HST is not the only mode of transportation. We therefore also embrace other modes of transportation and create seamless transfer options. In doing so, we respond to the travel demands of modern travellers whether they be commuters, other business travellers or leisure travellers.

Transport and the environment

High demands are made on transport these days – and rightly so. Awareness is also growing about the enormous burden placed on the environment as a result of long-distance travel. In this regard, the high-speed train is an attractive alternative when compared to other travel options.

Research has shown that for medium-long distances the train is the most efficient option from an environmental point of view. Fewer delays and traffic jams means less CO2 production and this benefits both the consumer and the environment!