The 10 best museums in Europe

10 museums for your bucket list

Which museum is a must-see in Paris? And which cultural gem should not be missed in London? Europe is a true treasure of architecture, art and culture. We give you 10 top museums to one-by-one tick off your must-see list. And one more tip: the train will get you there fast and comfortably!

Please note: often museums outside the Netherlands are not open all days of the week. We advise you go to the museum’s website for information, prices and opening hours.

Louvre, Paris

You must see the most famous smile in the world with your own eyes! Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa is the crowning glory of the Louvre and will undoubtedly put a smile on your face. Don’t stay there too long though, because this museum has 35,000 objects to marvel at. Travel there by train to arrive in the heart of the city! Visit the Louvre website.

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Kunstmuseum Basel

Kunstmuseum Basel, Basel

What a museum, a must-see if you are visiting Basel. Kunstmuseum Basel houses one of the oldest and largest collections of Europe. You can enjoy art from the early fifteenth century to the wonderful creations of today. No time to lose! And by taking the train you won’t lose any precious time as you can board directly without check ins.

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The National Gallery, London

A picturesque building with an even better collection of paintings. You can admire over 2,000 works. Van Gogh's Sunflowers, The Water Lily Pond by Claude Monet and a self-portrait by Rembrandt are just a few examples of the wonderful collection. Admittance is free. For more information go to their website. Will you travel cheaply by train?

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British museum

British Museum, London

How long does it take to see 8 million pieces of ancient and contemporary civilizations? Lucky for you there are 5 million in the deposit, otherwise a visit to the British Museum would be endless. As a reward, you deserve to relax your feet on a comfortable train ride home!

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Palais des Beaux Arts

Palais des Beaux Arts, Lille

Also known as the Museum of Fine Arts. Ideal for those who like variety, because there are different styles, different artists and different periods on display. That does not apply if you choose the train: Thalys will take you there directly! Visit the Palais des Beaux Arts website.

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MAS, Antwerp

With the help of 500,000 exhibits get to know Antwerp in the world and the world of Antwerp. And at the top 10th floor you can spend a moment enjoying the breathtaking views of this beautiful city on the Scheldt. Of course, you should travel there by train, if only because of the station. This is a museum in itself! For more information go to the MAS website.

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Centre Pompidou, Paris

To begin with, walk around this remarkable building once; it looks likes it’s been built inside out. Inside you will find the largest collection of modern art in Europe. Sculptures, paintings, books, movies, music and more! By train, you will have a fast link to central Paris where you can easily get to the Centre Pompidou.

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Kunsthalle, Dusseldorf

Those who love surprises, have come to the right place! The Kunsthalle does not have its own collection, but is used for temporary exhibitions of modern art. If you take the train, you have plenty of time to read all about the exhibition you are visiting in comfort!

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Musee d'Orsay, Paris

From the train station in Paris, travel to a beautiful station from 1900. Because that is where this museum is housed. Things cannot go wrong, especially for lovers of 19th century sculptures and impressionist paintings! Get on the train quickly! Visit their website for more information.

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Royal Museum of Fine Arts, Brussels

Adore visual arts? The Royal Museum of Fine Arts has a prestigious collection of 20,000 works of art. Amai! Don’t waste any time and travel to Brussels as soon as possible. There are no queues for getting on the train. Just hop aboard!

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