The Interrail Global Pass

Europe at your feet

From the northern-most point of Norway to the southern-most island in Greece, the Interrail Global Pass can take you everywhere you want to go. The Global Pass has five categories, varying in length and flexibility – but all equally adventurous!

Global Pass categories

  • 5 days, valid within a period of 10 days (flexi*)
  • 10 days, valid within a period of 22 days (flexi*)
  • 15 consecutive days
  • 22 consecutive days
  • One consecutive month

*Flexi means that you may choose which days you travel during the period for which your Interrail pass is valid. You then have to fill in the day's date on your ticket before boarding the first train of the day. You write down these dates on your Travel Calendar, which you receive together with your Interrail pass.


The prices of the Global Pass depend on your age, the type of ticket you select and the class in which you want to travel:

Interrail Global Pass

2nd class
2nd class
1st class
5 days with 10 days € 192 € 264 € 413
10 days within 22 days € 281 € 374 € 588
15 days € 325 € 414 € 650
22 days € 360 € 484 € 760
1 month € 461 € 626 € 983


The Interrail Global Pass is now even more attractive! You receive a 50% discount on the return trip to the Dutch border and special fares apply to youths from 12 to 25 years of age. Children younger than 4 years old travel for free and 2 children up to 11 years old travel for free when you have a 1st class ticket.

Where to buy the Interrail Global Pass?

It is easy to order the ‘key to Europe’ by using the Interrail order form on this website or by contacting NS International Service Center - 020-2300023 . Other possibilities include the Tickets & Service offices at the larger stations.

Interrail countries

The Interrail Global Pass allows you unlimited travel in no less than 30 countries. View a list of all Interrail countries.


The following conditions apply when travelling with the Interrail Global Pass:

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  • The passes may be bought up to three months prior to departure.
  • The passes are valid from midnight to midnight. However, if you take the night train after 19.00 hrs, you may fill in the date of the next day in your Travel Report.
  • ‘Youths’ applies to persons up to 25 years of age and ‘adults’ applies to anyone from 26 years of age. Special fares (surcharges) apply for high-speed trains.
  • Prices are valid until 31 December 2015.
  • Purchase after presenting a valid passport.
  • An Interrail pass for the first class is also valid in the second class.
  • If you have a second class pass and would like to travel first class, you will have to pay the difference in price between the classes to be able to travel first class.
  • In the case of the Interrail Flexi passes you have to fill in the day's date on your ticket before boarding the first train of the day. If you travel on a day other than the one you filled in you can get a fine of € 50 (depending on the country involved).
  • The Interrail pass is available exclusively to residents of one of the InterRail countries or for persons who can prove that they have been living in one of these countries for more than six months.
  • If you have an Interrail Flexi Pass, you should do two things before you board a train:
    1. on the Travel Calendar on your ticket you have to fill in the date of the day on which you will be travelling
    2. on the Travel Report in the slipcover of your InterRail pass you fill in the place of departure and the destination.

Cancellation of the Interrail pass

To cancel an Interrail pass, the pass first needs to be stamped NOT USED. This can be done at a Ticket & Service office in the larger stations. The date of cancellation also needs to be stamped onto the pass. Cancellation is only possible prior to or on the date when the pass would become valid.


Requests for restitution take place at the facility where the Interrail pass was bought. If the pass was bought via internet or by telephone, the pass may also be cancelled at a Tickets & Service office in one of the larger stations or with NS International Service Center: 030-2300023 (€ 0.35 per minute).

Administration fee

In case of restitution an administration fee will always be charged. This amounts to 15% of the price of the ticket. There will be no restitution on any ticket that has been "partially" used; the same applies to stolen or lost tickets.

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InterRail Order Form

If you want to travel around Europe with an Interrail ticket, please fill in the Interrail reservation form.

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