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The Interrail Global Pass

Europe at your feet

  • 7 different passes
  • Travel from Norway to Greece
  • Flexible
  • Adventurous
  • Two children 11 years or younger travel for free

The advantages of travelling by train

  • Board directly, no check-ins
  • Comfortable seating
  • Arrival in the heart of town
  • Online no booking fee
  • Travel information

    With the Interrail Global pass through Europe

    With your InterRail Global Pass traveling in a fun and affordable way through 30 countries as long as your pass is valid. From north to south or from east to west: you can decide while you are travelling. Book quickly and come back with unforgettable memories!

    Global Pass categories

    • 5 days, valid within a period of 15 days (flexi*)
    • 7 days, valid within a period of 1 month (flexi*)
    • 10 days, valid within a period of 1 month (flexi*)
    • 15 days, valid in a period of 1 month (flexi*)
    • 15 consecutive days
    • 22 consecutive days
    • One consecutive month
    *Flexi means that you may choose which days you travel during the period for which your Interrail pass is valid. You then have to fill in the day's date on your ticket before boarding the first train of the day. You write down these dates on your Travel Calendar, which you receive together with your Interrail pass.

    Interrail countries

    The Interrail Global Pass allows you unlimited travel in no less than 30 countries.

    View a list of all Interrail countries.

    The Interrail One Country Pass

    Want to travel criss-cross through a European country for a weekend, week or month? You can use the budget-friendly Interrail One Country Pass to travel to and through the country of your choice. From just € 42 you can travel for 3 days by train.

    Read more

  • Prices


    The prices of the Global Pass depend on your age, the type of ticket you select and the class in which you want to travel:

    Youths* Adults Adults Senior** Senior**
    Class 2nd class 2nd class 1st class 2nd class 1st class
    5 days within 15 days € 200 € 264 € 413 € 238 € 372
    7 days within month € 246 € 315 € 491 € 284 € 442
    10 days within month € 292 € 374 € 588 € 338 € 529
    15 days within month € 361 € 463 € 723 € 417 € 651
    15 days continuous € 338 € 414 € 650 € 373 € 586
    22 days continuous € 374 € 484 € 760 € 437 € 685
    1 month continuous € 479 € 626 € 983 € 564 € 886
    * Youth tickets are also available for 1st class.
    ** 60 years and older on the first day that the pass is valid 
  • Order

    Want to order Interrail Global Pass?

    It is easy to order the Global pass by using the Interrail order form on this website or by contacting the NS International Service Center - 030-2300023. Another possibility is the NS International counter at a Service Office at the larger stations.

    Currently an order form is being developed to include the new travel possibilities. These cannot be booked online at this moment. You can order these by phone.

    When using the form, keep in mind that it will take at least 10 days between time of booking and start of the pass. Within 10 days is only possible when paying by credit card.

    The booking fee is € 7.50 per order.

  • Conditions


    The following conditions apply when travelling with the Interrail Global Pass:

    • The passes may be bought up to 11 months prior to departure.
    • Global Passes bought since January 2016 are valid for 1 outbound and 1 inbound journey in your country of residence. If you indicated on your Interrail Globalpass “The Netherlands” as country of residence, then the journey from your departure station in the Netherlands to the Dutch border, and (at end of validity) from the Dutch border to your destination station in the Netherlands is included in the pass.
    • Youths’ applies to persons up to 25 years of age, ‘adults’ applies to anyone from 26 years of age and ‘seniors’ are persons 60 years or older.
    • If you take the night train after 19.00 hrs with a Flexi Pass, you may fill in the date of the next day in your Travel Report.
    • Special fares (surcharges) apply for high-speed trains.
    • Prices are valid until 31 December 2016.
    • Purchase after presenting a valid passport.
    • An Interrail Pass for the 1st class is also valid in the 2nd class.
    • In the case of the Interrail Flexi passes you have to fill in the day's date of travel and arrival on your ticket before boarding the first train of the day. If you travel on a day other than the one you filled in you can get a fine of € 50 (depending on the country involved).
    • The Interrail pass is available exclusively to residents of one of the Interrail countries or for persons who can prove that they have been living in one of these countries for more than six months.
    • If you have an Interrail Flexi Pass, you should do two things before you board the train:
      1. On the Travel Calendar on your ticket, you have to fill in the date of the day on which you will be travelling
      2. On the Travel Report in the slipcover of your InterRail pass, you fill in the place of departure and the destination.
    • 2 children from 4 to and including 11 years old may travel free with an adult. Any 3rd child pays the Youth Pass. All accompanying children must be given a pass (which is stapled to the tickets of the adults.)

Interrail Global Pass

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