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Youth travel with 35% discount to Antwerp and Ghent

  • Youth up to and including 25 years old. Travel from Mondays through Fridays after 9.00 hrs. In the weekend and July/August all day.
  • 35% discount on the entire route. Discount Studenten-OV according to validity in the Netherlands.

  • Intercity Brussels tickets are valid all day.
  • Despite having to choose a time slot, you are free to travel on an earlier or later train.
  • Prices

    Studenten-OV? Extra discount!

    The discount that you have with your Student-OV, is also valid in the Netherlands on Intercity Brussels! Book your tickets online easily and indicate whether you have a 40% or 100% discount in the Netherlands. We will calculate the discount in your ticket price and you will not have to check in or out when travelling.

    Youth tickets (one-way 2nd class) Intercity Brussels

    Route Youth ticket* 40% discount NS 100% discount NS
    Amsterdam - Antwerp € 22.10 € 20.70 € 4.30
    Utrecht - Antwerp € 18.20 € 17.90 € 4.30
    Rotterdam - Antwerp € 14.10 € 13.30 € 4.30
    Amsterdam - Ghent € 30.30 € 28.90 € 12.50
    Utrecht - Ghent € 27.20 € 26.10 € 12.50
    Rotterdam - Ghent € 22.30 € 21.50 € 12.50

    Please note! Is your ticket price normally more than € 19 each way? In July and August this is not the case! You can travel with the shopping ticket for € 19 from any station in the Netherlands to any station in Belgium! Read more.

    Station antwerpen
  • Travel information

    Flexible with Intercity Brussels

    Intercity Brussels tickets are valid all day (within its conditions). You can depart when you wish. Every hour there is an Intercity Brussels to Antwerp and back. For Ghent get off in Antwerp and take a domestic service train.

    For a complete travel itinerary, consult our itinerary planner.


from € 8.60

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*Return trip Amsterdam-Antwerp from € 8.60. Youth ticket in combination with Studenten-OV, 2nd class