Stakingen in Frankrijk/Strikes in France
Met de trein naar Parijs: Wat houdt je tegen?

Everyone by train to Paris

Every year, 3 million people travel from the Netherlands to Paris. More than a quarter choose the train, the second most popular means of transport. (The car being the most popular.) And the number is increasing, as the number of passengers on the Amsterdam-Paris route continued to rise in 2017 with 6 percent compared to 2016. With a particularly high frequency and a good price-quality ratio, Thalys is the example of how the international train can be a success.

Current offer

  • 11x a day to Paris, via Antwerp and Brussels
  • 1x a day to Brussels


  • As of April 2019, 2x a day a direct connection between Marne-la-Vallée (Disneyland Parijs) and Charles de Gaulle (airport)
  • As of June 2019, a direct connection between Brussels and Bordeaux
  • Increase the number of seats by doubling the number of carriages

New destinations

Thalys wants to respond to the wishes of its passengers. As of 2019, there will, therefore, be a direct connection from the Netherlands to Charles de Gaulle Airport and Disneyland Paris. These new destinations will also offer better connections to the East and South of France, such as Lyon and Nice.

More capacity

With a frequency of 12 trains a day, Thalys allows you to travel directly to Paris almost every hour from € 35 (one-way). Recently, more carriages have been used during rush hours. In 2019, that number will increase so that 750 passengers can travel to Paris on one train.

Even faster

Thalys is extremely fast; with a speed of up to 300 km per hour, and a journey time of 3 hours and 18 minutes from Amsterdam to Paris. Increasing the speed of travel from the Netherlands to France can be achieved by improving the infrastructure between Antwerp and Brussels. This will require substantial investments, but it does offer opportunities to give an extra impulse to train journeys to the south.