Stakingen in Frankrijk/Strikes in France
ÖBB Nightjet

How far can you go?

Particularly for longer distances, the night train is an excellent alternative to the plane or car. Travel times of around 10 hours are ideal. By using high-speed trains on a European high-speed network, we can travel all over Europe with the night train. It is also comfortable, you don't 'lose' any time, and it saves you a night at a hotel.


Until the end of 2016, a daily night train ran from Amsterdam to Munich and Zurich, as part of a night train network throughout Europe. The Austrian Railways (ÖBB) then took over the network. To start with, they ordered new sleeping carriages. Partly because of this, 50 percent of ÖBB's long-distance trains now cross national borders.

Expand further

ÖBB plans to further expand its international network, including a Railjet service between Zurich and Bratislava and a new night train between Berlin and Vienna as of December 2018. A study is also being carried out to reconnect Amsterdam to the European night train network. Now you first have to travel to Düsseldorf to catch the Nightjet to Vienna and Innsbruck.