Stakingen in Frankrijk/Strikes in France

Ski destinations by train

Taking the train to ski destinations has lots of advantages. You do not put on snow chains, deal with traffic or purchase mandatory mountain passes and winter tires. Great, right? Besides, you can take your ski equipement on board the train.

At the moment, it's not possible to book all trains due to the new annual timetables.


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Thalys to the Alps

With Thalys, winter sports enthusiasts travel fast, relaxed and carefree directly to the French Alps.

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Ski destinations in France

In France there is something for everyone. See all winter sports destinations in France.

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Ski destinations in Austria

Most winter sports resorts in Austria are easily accessible by train. You can travel by train, day or by night.

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Ski destinations in Switzerland

It takes less than 10 hours to get to the Swiss mountains by train. After this comfortable journey, you're ready to relax and ski or snowboard!

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Ski destinations in Germany

The most famous winter sports area is Winterberg in the Sauerland. The larger ski areas are all located in the south of Germany.

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Ski destinations in Italy

Every day, several daytime trains depart to Germany and Switzerland. Here you can catch trains to various destinations in Italy.

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