Disneyland Parijs

From € 25

Deal: Go to Disneyland Paris for a magical price

This summer holiday you can travel directly with Thalys to Disneyland Paris for just € 25* one-way! A child ticket (4 to 11 years) costs only € 10*. Take advantage of this offer and book quickly!

Already daydreaming? Then spend a night with Mickey too! Sleeping in is not an option, because with an overnight stay at a Disney hotel you can enter the park earlier. Less waiting in line!

  • Deal

    Deal conditions:

    • Book: 9 to 23 April
    • Travel: 8 July to 31 Augustus
    • Price: € 25 one-way for adults or € 10 one-way for a child
    • This deal is valid for Thalys with departure from Amsterdam Central at 15.15 hrs
    • Travel from any station in the Netherlands for € 9 (adult) or € 3 (child)
    • Book now, limited availability

    Book from any nearby station! That way, you'll benefit from a cheap outbound journey. A trip from Groningen to Disney will then only cost € 34 for a one-way trip. You'll also only have to check in once.

    Would you prefer to travel by train from Amsterdam at 07.15 hrs? We also offer extra € 35 tickets for this summer. Even then the outbound trip within the Netherlands is only € 9 for an adult and € 3 for a child (one way).

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  • Travel times

    Travel to Disneyland Paris

    Afternoon train offer
    Departure station Departure Arrival Price (adult)
    Groningen (change trains once) 12:48 19:04 € 34
    Utrecht (change trains once) 15:03 19:04 € 34
    Amsterdam 15:15 19:04 € 25
    Rotterdam 15:58 19:04 € 25

    Morning train
    Departure station Departure Arrival Price (adult)
    Groningen (change trains twice) 5:03 10:53 € 44
    Utrecht (change trains once) 7:03 10:53 € 44
    Amsterdam 7:15 10:53 € 35
    Rotterdam 7:58 10:53 € 35

    Return trip from Disneyland Paris

    Afternoon train offer
    Departure Disney Arrival Price (adult)
    12:04 Rotterdam 15:02 € 25
    12:04 Amsterdam 15:44 € 25
    12:04 Utrecht (change trains once) 15:58 € 34
    12:04 Groningen (change trains once) 18:12 € 34

    Evening train
    Departure Disney Arrival Price (adult)
    20:04 Rotterdam 23:02 € 35
    20:04 Amsterdam 23:44 € 35
    20:04 Utrecht (change trains once) 00:12 € 44
  • Hotel

    With an overnight stay at a Disney hotel, you can enter the park earlier. That saves waiting in line at the entrance and waiting times at the attractions!

    Book one of five hotels at the park:

    Disney's Hotel Cheyenne
    Disney's Newport Bay Club
    Disney's Sequoia Lodge
    Disney's Hotel Santa Fe
    Disneyland Hotel

  • Train

    Not only Disney provides magic. So does the journey to park with Thalys. For children it's great to play a board game while travelling 300 km per hour with the high-speed train!

    Travelling can hardly be easier: the train nearly stops right in front of the park's entrance!


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Travel with Thalys directly to Disneyland Paris: take advantage of this offer now!

Thalys Premium Mini

Do you want to enjoy the most luxurious class? Then choose first class. If you are not travelling alone, choose the Premium Mini fare.


Thalys is the high-speed train for daily connections between the Netherlands, Belgium and France.

Travelling with children

The train is an ideal mode of transportation when travelling with children: the can play, walk about or read a book. Have a look at the discount they get!

*The prices mentioned in this offer are starting prices. Availability is limited, so be quick! All rates are based on the applicable rate conditions.