International trains are running again, this is wat you need to know

When are the international trains running again and with which timetable?

From June 1, we will return step by step to the normal timetable. For some connections, we will immediately go back to a full timetable, for others the frequency will be expanded step by step. Check our website for more information and current travel information.

Can I travel abroad by train in the coming months?

We would like to refer you to the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for up-to-date travel advice for European countries (please note: only available in Dutch) or check the frequently asked questions.

Of course, it is also important to know whether the train connection you would like to take has been restored. Please check your connection in the international travel planner.

Can I already buy tickets for the trains that will be running again?

Tickets can be purchased for all trains of which we are certain that they are going to run. You can check your travel options via the booking engine on our website, or ask your travel agent for advice. Trains may be added in the coming weeks, this especially applies for Thalys and Eurostar.

Which protective equipment should travelers wear?

From 1 June, it is mandatory in the Netherlands to wear a face mask in all Public Transport. There is a fine of 95 euros for not wearing a mask. People speak of mouth and nose protection abroad. That means that wearing a shawl or T-shirt over the mouth and nose is sufficient there. Please note: for all cross-border trains, you must comply with the rules that apply in the countries in which you travel by train.

An example: if you travel to Basel (SBB) with the ICE, you have to comply with regulations in the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland.

This page shows which protective equipment is mandatory per country.

How are NS International employees equipped for their work?

The following regulations apply to our employees:

  • Our employees on the train wear mouth and nose protection. They can also choose to use a face shield. These resources are in line with what the Dutch government indicates.
  • They do not wear gloves, because the risk of contamination is greater than without gloves. The most important measure for staff not to contract the virus is and will be to wash their hands regularly.

Can I take my bicycle on the train in the near future?

Yes, bicycles will be welcome on the domestic train from 1 July. NS International will reopen the sale of bicycle tickets from 2 July. For a possible journey with a domestic train before or after your international journey, we advise you to use the NS registration service.
For more information, visit NS.nl. (Dutch)

The trains are running again, but I don't want to travel anyway. Can I cancel my ticket?

This depends on the rules regarding rebooking and cancellation of the train company with which you travel. More information can be found on this page.

When will Eurostar start running again? And when will the direct Eurostar connection between Amsterdam and London be launched?

Unfortunately, Eurostar does not yet operate from the Netherlands. NS International is in contact with colleagues from Eurostar to determine when the train service can be restarted. It is still the intention to introduce the direct train from Amsterdam and Rotterdam to London as soon as possible: we are ready to go. The introduction does depend on many factors, such as the measures that apply in the other countries where Eurostar operates.

Eurostar is expected to first resume connections between London and Paris and London and Brussels. Afterwards, the train service between London and Amsterdam and vice versa will follow. As soon as we know more about the new start date of the direct Eurostar, we will of course inform our travelers. The current information is on this page.

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