Imagining going to Paris?

Going to Paris isn't an option right now. But, of course, exploring Paris in your thoughts is possible! How about a few days in Paris while you reread your French books, listen to French music and try out recipes? Take a virtual tour of the Louvre, learn a few French words and phrases, discover the city from the air. We've listed some tips for you, have fun in Paris!

Parijs vanuit de lucht
Paris from above

Paris is a metropolis, certainly when viewed from above.
Luckily in this time of year we can enjoy panoramic views online, among others of the Eiffel Tower and L'Opéra de Paris.

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Parijs vanuit de lucht
Flea markt

Brocante is French for junk which actually sounds chic. There's also a lot of brocante for sale in the Netherlands. Online you can find old stuff via Marktplaats and maybe there's a market near you?

Brocante in your area?

Musée d'Orsay
Musée d'Orsay

Once a train station, the Musée dÓrsay is now a museum with beautiful works of art. Curious about the history of the building? Take a look at pictures of the station and images of the renovation.

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French chansons

Nathalie, La bohème.... Bécaud and Aznavour. Want to relax with French chansons? Listening to this collection of French songs on Spotify will help you feel like you’re already in Paris.

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Brush up on your French?

Maybe your French has slipped a bit and you can't get any further than 'Bonjour' and 'Voulez vous coucher avec moi'? You can brush up on your knowledge with Duolingo. Also suitable for beginners!

Je veux apprendre le français

Recipe Madeleines

Get some French patisserie with this simple French cake in a clamshell shape. This recipe for Madeleines by the French Cooking Academy will teach you the secrets to get them perfect.

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Boeken uit Frankrijk
French books

This is a great time to dust off and reread your books. Camus, Simone de Beauvoir. Maybe you'll like to read "Alone in the World" to your children? Or rediscover Asterix?

Top 10 French literature

Festive macarons

Macarons are called cloud cookies and are delicious. The champion of BBC's Great British Bake Off explains how to bake picture-perfect macarons. Who wants to give it a try?

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Tour of the Louvre

The Louvre offers many different guided tours of the museum. About the history of the building, about the art of dance. There are also many videos to watch. And.... no queues!

Online tour

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