Kort voor vertrek boeken

Booking shortly before departure

What are your options?

Homeprint and mobile ticket

Tickets can be bought online to destinations in Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Germany and for train services Thalys and Eurostar.

You can buy a mobile ticket for Thalys to Antwerp, Brussels, Lille and Paris and for all destinations in Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and the Czech Republic.

Please note: during ticket control you may be asked for identification, so please make sure to also bring your passport or another form of valid identification with you.

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Buying a ticket at a self-service ticket machine

There is a yellow self-service ticket machine at almost all train stations in the Netherlands, where you can buy tickets to most destinations in Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg. You will travel without a seat reservation and if you travel after 09.00 hrs on weekdays or any time on the weekends, you can use your Off-peak Discount Pass.

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Collecting tickets at an NS International desk

Are you planning on travelling within the next five days to a destination not available at a self-service ticket machine or if the ticket cannot be printed at home? Then book from a station where an NS International desk is present and buy your domestic ticket at a self-service ticket machine. You will find the NS International desks at one of the services offices at the international stations. Your tickets can be collected at the NS International desk at the Service shop up to one hour before departure time, using your booking code. Show a valid proof of indentity. If payment was done by creditcard, show this creditcard when collecting your tickets. Please take into account it can be crowded at the ticket counters, especially during the holiday periods. Get your tickets earlier if possible.

View the opening hours of the various NS International desks in the service offices

Online booking

If you are purchasing a ticket online to a destination where the tickets can only be send per post (this is indicated in the booking module) and you are not travelling from an international station, we advise you to do the following:

  1. Select an international departure station* in the 'from' field in the online booking module.
  2. Book the ticket in the online booking module and during step 3 Summary, select “pick-up at station” as the option for your delivery method.
  3. Buy the ticket for your journey from your local station to the international departure station at a self-service ticket machine at your local station.
  4. Collect the ticket for your international journey when you arrive at the international departure station at the NS International counter at the service office.