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If you have an old Off-peak subscription and you are older than 60, you are entitled to a free RAILPLUS card. You can buy this card at a Tickets & Service counter at one of the NS train stations. You will get 25% discount* on the full rate of cross-border travel, one way and return.

* As of 10 December 2017 the discount for travellers with a RAILPLUS card will change from 25% to 15%.

The application period of RAILPLUS is a 10 days for paying by bank and 5 days for paying by credit card.

Please note: the RAILPLUS card does not offer discount when travelling with Thalys or Eurostar.

Read more about possible discount with RAILPLUS


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  • Dutch and English customer service
  • No booking fee online
  • Pay online easily and safely

Top destinations

From € 35
Eiffel tower Paris


The city of love, art and fashion. You'll never get bored!

From € 29
Lille city


Magnificent old town centre with strong Flemish influences.

From € 39
Berlin city


Lively and versatile, an ancient city with a modern twist.

From € 20
Cologne by night


City of art, architecture and theatre. Travel time from 2h38m.

From € 40
Frankfurt water bridge


Business city with plenty of character: travel time from 3h46m.

From € 20
Dusseldorf bridge


Fashion city with a rich history and vibrant nightlife.

From € 59


Full of history, culture and shopping. London is alive day and night.

From € 29
Brussels flag


So close and yet you'll get away from it all in the Belgian capital!

From € 29
tower antwerp


A lively city where the true Bon Vivant will feel at home.

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