Tickets annuleren of wijzigen

Cancelling or changing tickets

Are your travel plans changed?

Whether it is possible to change or cancel your ticket, depends on the conditions of your ticket.

Cancelling online

Bookings done online or by telephone can be cancelled online. Log in with your booking code (DNR) and email address via Mijn Boekingen. You will receive an email confirming your cancellation and stating the amount of money you will be refunded.

Cancelling a part of a trip

You can also cancel part of a trip or per ticket if several tickets were booked during one booking (with the exception of bookings to Germany. For this you can contact our NS International Service Center : 030-2300023).

Changing your booking

It is not possible to change your booking for another date or train online. That is possible by calling the NS International Service Center : 030-2300023.

Conditions cancelling or changing tickets

  • Cancelling or changing tickets is only permitted if the fee conditions permits this.
  • A refund depends on the relevant fee conditions.
  • A refund is repaid via the initial method(s) of payment and account(s).
  • A cancellation cannot be undone, but you can make a new booking.