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EC Regulation

Since 3 December 2009 the EC Regulation No 1371/2007 (PDF) has been applicable in all EU countries.

Some highlights of the Regulation

Fastest schedule - can be found for international trips with the NS International Train planner and for domestic trips with the NS Journey Planner.

2. Cheapest ticket - On the websites of both NS.nl and NSInternational.nl you will find up-to-date fares and promotional offers.

3. Up-to-date travel information - Information about connecting trains on international journeys can found with the NS International Train planner and on domestic journeys with NS Journey Planner. Adequate information can also be found on the train and at the train stations.

4. Delays - When trains are delayed for 60 minutes or more, passengers can choose to be compensated in one of two ways: a) return home and ask for a refund or b) ask for compensation for the delay. You can submit your request for compensation for the delay with the train company from which you bought your ticket (e.g. Customer Services NS International). It is also possible to submit the compensation request directly with the train operator. Read more on the “Compensation for delay” page.

5. Passengers with impaired mobility - he EU Regulation guarantees that disabled persons and persons with impaired mobility can request assistance and non-discriminatory access to trains. NS is proud of the rules and regulation they have in place to help any persons needing assistance with boarding on and off the train or during the trip. Train staff of both NSR and NS International are professionally trained. Assistance can be arranged when requested at least 48 hours prior departures on international trips and 24 hours before domestic trips. Assistant requests can be made by phoning +31 (0)30 235 78 22 or faxing +31 (0)30 235 39 35. In case of disturbances, the train staff will – as far as possible – give extra assistance to passengers with a handicap. Of course, these passengers need to inform NS staff of their presence before boarding the train. For more information regarding train travel with a handicap, read “Passengers with impaired mobility”.

6. Processing complaints and requests for compensation for delays - DAccording to the Regulation, passengers should receive a reaction to their complaint within one month.

7. Supervision - In all EU countries the government will designate an enforcement body to supervise. In the Netherlands this is IVW (Inspectie Verkeer en Waterstaat). Passengers can reach IVW by phone: +31 (0)88 489 000 or via the website: www.ilent.nl.

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