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Intercity Brussels

  • Buy your ticket online, via your mobile or at the station
  • Take any train you want
  • Always the same price for a ticket
  • Schedule
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    Intercity Brussels schedule

    Intercity Brussels is the international Intercity that travels to Belgium 16 times a day. During your trip, you’ll have all you need to able to relax in our comfortable seats. View the complete Amsterdam - Brussels schedule.

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    Connection Intercity Brussels

    From various stations in the Netherlands you can find a connection to Intercity Brussels. If you are travelling from Utrecht you will only need to go to Rotterdam to catch the international Intercity to Belgium. Travelling from Maastricht, you can travel to Liege and once an hour catch a train to Brussels, or otherwise to other places such as Ghent and Bruges.

    For a complete travel itinerary, consult our itinerary planner

  • Prices


    Intercity Brussels prices

    The prices of Intercity Brussels tickets are fixed and not dependent on the time of booking or availability of tickets. Even last-minute, you can travel for the same price!

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    Standard discount rates Intercity Brussels

    • Regular ticket: When booking a ticket you have to choose a time of departure, however, you can take any train on the day of validity.
    • Super Day Return: Are you planning to travel back and forth on the same day? Travel for less with a Super Day Return! You can get a 30% discount in Belgium and a 40% discount in the Netherlands on the standard ticket price! Travelling is permitted from Mondays to Fridays after 9.00 hours and the entire day on weekends, certain national holidays and every day in July and August.
    • Weekend Return: With a Weekend Return ticket your profit from a 40% discount when travelling within the same weekend. The outward journey can be taken on Friday, Saturday or Sunday and the return on Saturday or Sunday. Both without time constriction. On certain national holidays the Weekend Return is extended with a few days.
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    • Youth ticket: Passengers 25 years and younger can travel with 35% discount. It permits you to travel after 09.00 hrs on Mondays to Fridays and the entire day on weekends, certain national holidays and in July and August.
  • Tickets

    Intercity Brussel Tickets

    The biggest advantage of travelling with Intercity Brussels is that it is exactly the same as travelling with a regular Intercity service in the Netherlands.

    • Travel without making a reservation
    • Take any train you want
    • Always the same price for a ticket

    Please note: Although you must specify a time when booking a ticket online, it is not required to also travel at this time. Please do keep in mind that discounts only apply after 09.00 hrs.

    Your tickets are also valid in the Netherlands

    Passengers with an Intercity Brussels ticket may also travel with Intercity direct on the Amsterdam-Rotterdam route. You will not need to pay a supplement; you international Intercity Brussels ticket is enough.

    Travelling from Roosendaal or Maastricht

    When travelling to Belgium from Roosendaal or Maastricht, it can be cheaper to purchase an NMBS Mobility ticket than a regular international ticket that can be booked on

    You can but these tickets in the NMBS machines at the station or at

    Travelling to Brussels Airport

    In 2012 a new railway line was created in Belgium. This new line means a better connection between Brussels Airport (Zaventem) and Antwerp and Liège. To finance this project travellers travelling to Brussels Airport are asked to pay a surtax of € 5.20.

    If your purchase your ticket online this surtax is already included in the price.
    You can also buy this surcharge by telephone or at a counter. Finally, when you arrival at Brussels Airport, you have the option buying the surcharge in a vending machines on the platforms.


  • Classes

    Intercity Brussels classes

    Intercity Brussels has 2 travel classes: 1st class and 2nd class. In 1st class, you will benefit from additional advantages, such as greater comfort and extra legroom.

    1st class

    • More legroom
    • Wider seats
    • Access to the NS International Lounges at Amsterdam Central Station, Schiphol and Rotterdam Central Station


  • Subscriptions

    Subscriptions Intercity Brussels

    NS Border subscription - for frequent travelling

    If you travel frequently between the Netherlands and Belgium, then the NS Border Subscription in combination with a Belgian subscription may be for you. With the Border Subscription you get unlimited travel on a fixed route in the Netherlands to the border with Belgium for a fixed monthly or annual price.

    • The Border Subscription is connected to your OV-chipkaart.
    • You open the gates with your OV-chipkaart, but you do not check-in. Check-out is not necessary, because you cannot check-out in Belgium
    • Upon inspection, you must show both your Border subscription and your foreign subscription.

    More information Border Subscription

    More information on the Border Subscription to the Roosendaal border on or contact our Customer Service at 0900-8301 (0.10 per minute, Monday to Friday from 8.00 to 18.00 hrs). When calling from outside the Netherlands call 0031-30-7515134.

    Subsequent subscription

    For the Belgian part of your route, there are several NMBS subscriptions that can be used together with the NS Border Subscription. The Nettrain Card is valid for the entire Belgian network. Find more information about subscription in Belgium on

    Grensabonnement Roosendaal

    Do you travel with a Grensabonnement near Roosendaal? Until recently, NS was temporarily selling a limited range of NMBS tickets at the stations of Roosendaal and Maastricht: single tickets at the domestic NMBS rate but also a monthly subscription Roosendaal border to Antwerp for commuters who go abroad regularly through Roosendaal. Last summer, NMBS has placed ticket machines in Roosendaal, Maastricht and Maastricht Randwyck and therefore it was unnecessary to continue to provide this service at the counters. You can now purchase your subscription with NMBS. For the first time, you need to apply for a NMBS subscription (Mobib). After that, the product can be retrieved via the Internet or the NMBS ticket machines. Payment on these ticket machines is also possible with Dutch bank cards.

    NS subscription - for occasional travelling

    If you only occasionally travel to Belgium and do you van an NS Subscription? Then we recommend you buy an international ticket online for your entire train trip. That means from your departure station in the Netherlands to your final destination in Belgium.


    An NS subscription or OV Student travel product usually offers discount on the domestic part of your international trip. The discount is applied to the price when you indicate which NS subscription you have while booking your international ticket. Booking online is the quickest and easiest way to get your discount.

    More information NS Subscription

    Your NS Subscription together with your international ticket your valid proof of travel. Upon inspection, you must show them both. When making an international trip, you do not check in and out with your NS subscription, but just open the gates with the international ticket. More information about subscriptions in the Netherlands can be found on

    Discount percentages international travel

    Depending on the NS Subscription and the time of travel could get 40% or 100% discount on the Dutch part of your trip. For the Belgian part, you can buy your ticket at a discount if you have a 50% reduction card (for example, Kaart Grote Gezinnen en Kaart Verhoogde Tegemoetkoming).

    * In the period from 16 July to 16 August the OV Student travel product Week is only valid as a discount card (i.e. you only get a 40% discount after 9.00 hrs).

    International travel with the public transport smart card (OV-chipkaart)

    Find more information about international travel with the NS Border Subscription.
    Find more information about international travel with other NS subscriptions.

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  • On board

    On board Intercity Brussels

    Free access to the lounges

    If you have a first class ticket, you can get a free drink and stay comfortably at an NS International Lounge in Amsterdam, Schiphol and Rotterdam.

    Electronical outlets

    There are electrical outlets in 1st class, usually in the ceiling above the seats.


    Passengers are advised to only take luggage with them that they can easily carry and can be stowed away in the available storage areas. Small pieces of luggage can be placed in the luggage racks above the seats and larger pieces of luggage can be placed in specially provided spaces found between the seats.

    Bringing bicycles on board

    It is permitted to take a bicycle with you on the regular train between Amsterdam and Brussels. Therefore you do need an international bicycle ticket that costs €12.00 per one-way trip. They can be purchased at the counter of a Ticket & Service office located at stations. Read more about bringing a bicycle on board.

    Travellers with impaired mobility

    • The wheelchair places on Intercity Brussels services are almost always located in the centre of the train.
    • People escorting passengers with an OV Guide Pass can travel with Intercity Brussels services within the Netherlands for free.
    • To be able to get onto the train – and also the elevators and movable ramps – the wheelchair may be no larger than 150 x 85 cm (outer measurements)
    • You and your wheelchair may not have a combined weight of 250 kilo.
    • If needed, you can request assistance to get on and off the train by calling 030-235 78 22 (07:00 to 23:00 hours).

    Bringing pets on board

    On board most trains you can bring a pet with you. In certain cases conditions apply. Read more about bringing a pet on board.

    Travelling with children

    What does it cost to travel with children? Can I bring a stroller on board? May children walk about and play? For a worry-free trip, read all the practical information about travelling with children.

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Intercity Brussels

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