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Station information

NS International offers comprehensive station information about train stations in Europe: information such as access to lounges, maps and how to switch from one station to another.
The station plans are classified by country, as well as information regarding transfers.
More station information will be added in the future.

NS International Lounges

The NS International Lounges at Amsterdam Central, Rotterdam Central and Schiphol are designed to welcome our 1st class passengers. At Utrecht Centraal you can sit in the NS International Corner. Our lounges are exclusive, quiet areas where you can relax while waiting for your (international) train to depart.

More about NS International Lounges

NS International meeting rooms

Want to organise a corperate meeting just before departure? That is easily arranged in one of our NS International meeting rooms - and for just € 12.50 per attendee for 2 hours!

More about NS International meeting rooms

European lounges

Besides several NS International Lounges in the Netherlands, there are more lounges, virtually every major European station has a lounge which can make you time at the station more pleasant.

More about European lounges

Transit stations

We gladly offer you the necessary information to help make changing train at diverse European cities run as smoothly has possible.

More about transit stations

Station maps

On this page you will find floor plans for many train stations. It is useful to view these before departure so that you know where to catch your connecting train or where the taxi stands are.

More about station maps






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NS International sells online a wide range of tours departing from the Netherlands abroad (single and return journeys) and travel from abroad to the Netherlands (single and return trips), and a limited number of routes from abroad to a (different) abroad (some - and return journeys). Other tours you can book by phone through our telesales department (0900-9296, euro0,35 pm) and at the counters in the Tickets- and Service Shops on the (medium) large stations.



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