Transit stations

For a number of International destinations you will need to change trains. The following city stations are frequent transfer stations. You can find out how to catch your connecting train at the following stations.

Changing trains in the Netherlands

The time the NS International app allows to change trains may not be sufficient if you travel with children or if you carry heavy luggage. We advise you to take this into account and start your journey earlier.

Changing trains in Brussels

At Brussel Zuid/Midi station, you can change trains from Intercity Brussels or Thalys to Eurostar or TGV.

Changing trains to Eurostar in Brussels

Click here for the floorplan of station Brussels Sount/Midi including the Eurostar-terminal

After your arrival at Brussels South/Midi, follow the 'Eurostar' signs to connect to Eurostar. You will then arrive at the Eurostar terminal, where a screen will indicate which Eurostar train is open for check-in and for which Eurostar train boarding is already possible.

Eurostar trains depart from platform 1 or 2. The Eurostar terminal has a waiting area with an information counter. Behind counter, you will find the check-in barriers (checking in is also possible at a counter), customs, baggage check, British identity check, a waiting area with shops and a lounge for Business Premier passengers.

Please note: You should check in at least 30 minutes before departure! From 60 minutes before departure you have acces to the terminal of your train. Please take into account that walking from your arrival platform to the Eurostar terminal will take approximately 10 minutes.

Changing trains to Thalys in Brussels

After your arrival at Brussels South/Midi, follow the 'Thalys' signs to catch your TGV connectoin. You will then arrive in the station hall where large departure signs will indicate the platform from which your TGV train will depart.

Changing trains in Paris

Paris has a good public transport system, which includes 6 large railway stations, each serving a region of France. In addition, there is an extensive bus service and a metro network, which provide excellent connections to the local RER-trains.


  • Take into account that you need at least one hour to catch your connecting train as you will have to move between stations in Paris.
  • It is useful to know that the buffet on board Thalys has a limited number of metro tickets which can be purchased (valid in the Paris central metro zone).

Visit the website of RATP for detailed Paris subway information.
Download a map of the Parisian subway.

From Gare du Nord to other stations

Click on the names of one the stations below to download a PDF with more information about transfers from Gare du Nord to one of the stations below.

Van Naar Metro of RER Richting
Gare-du Nord Austerlitz Metro line 5 Place d'Italie
Gare-du Nord Gare de l’Est Metro line 4 Mairie de Montrouge
Gare-du Nord Montparnasse Metro line 4 Mairie de Montrouge
Gare-du Nord Gare de Lyon RER line D (RER) Corbeil Essonnes
Gare-du Nord St. Lazare RER line E (RER) Blvd Hausmann / St. Lazare

Changing trains for Disneyland Resort Paris

Disneyland Resort Paris has an excellent train connection. From the Netherlands, you take the Thalys to Paris Gare du Nord. From Paris Nord, you take the RER B (2 of 4) (Réseau Express Régional) in the direction of Robinson to Chatelet-Les Halles. This takes about 4 minutes. From Chatelet-Les Halles, you take the RER A in the direction of Marne-La-Vallée Chessy. This is the last station on the line. Your travel by RER A4 takes 41 minutes. When you get off the train you will find yourself just outside the main entrance of Disneyland Resort Paris. Enjoy!

Tip: You can purchase your metro ticket at the station.

It is also possible to travel to Disneyland Resort Paris via Brussels. You then take Thalys or Intercity Brussels to Brussels and from there travel by TGV to Marne-la-Vallée.

Disneyland Parijs

Changing trains in Lille

In Lille you will find 2 large train stations: Flanders and Europe. Please take into account that travelling between these two stations to catch a connecting train will take at least 20 minutes.

Van Naar Per Richting Extra informatie
Flandres Europe Metroline 2 Fort de mons The first stop is Europe
Flandres Europe On foot 400 metres, 15 min. You can walk across the pedestrian promenade or via the Euralille shopping centre
Europe Flandres Metroline 2 Lomme- St. Philibert The first stop is Flandres
Europe Flandres On foot 400 metres, 15 min. You can walk across the pedestrian promenade or via the Euralille shopping centre

Changing trains in London

Eurostar arrives at Station St. Pancras. Please keep in mind that travelling between two stations in London to catch a connecting train will take at least an hour. London has a extensive metro network: The Tube. This is the best mode of transportation in the busy city.

Public transportation in Londen

We advise you purchase a Visitor Oyster Card, the London public transport smart card, if you are planning on using public transport in London. Upon arrival in London, you will not have to buy a ticket first but can travel directly with public transport to your hotel or meeting. The Oyster Card works like a pre-paid card, and can be ordered for various amounts.