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Travel with Eurostar to London

  • Price 2nd class van € 59 - € 204
  • Price 1st class van € 132 - € 259
  • Travel time Amsterdam – London: 4:44

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Book in advance and save money

If you book your Eurostar ticket 3 months in advance it will be cheaper! The sooner you book, the lower the price. Our cheapest tickets cannot be rebooked or cancelled. Book in advance and safe money! Find train tickets

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Your trip to London

When you want to travel to London per train for the Netherlands, you will first have to travel with the high-speed Thalys train or with regular train services to station Brussel-Zuid. At this station your can catch the high-speed Eurostar train. In London Eurostar stops in the centre at station London St. Pancras. The time needed to change trains at Brussel-Zuid (Brussel -Midi) has been included in the stated travel time.

For a complete overview, please consult the international itinerary planner. Please also check the latest international travel updates shortly before embarking on your journey.

Overview travel times to London

Route Thalys & Eurostar Regular train & Eurostar
Amsterdam-London 4:40 6:10
Schiphol-London 4:30 5:24
Rotterdam-London 3:59 4:55
Utrecht-London 4:55 5:46

Check-in time for Eurostar

The Eurostar high-speed train travels through the Channel Tunnel when going from Brussels to London. Therefore, the safety requirements for this train are higher than for other international rail travel in Europe. This is why passengers must check-in when travelling with Eurostar. Passengers need to check-in in Brussels, or on the way back in London, at least 30 minutes prior to departure.
When you book your ticket to London online with NS International, this check-in time is automatically taken into account.

Prices train tickets Eurostar to London

Train tickets to London vary in price. Price is dependent on:

  • Availability of the ticket in that price range.
  • The possibility of being able to rebook your ticket.
  • The possibility of getting a (partial) refund.
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The prices of train tickets to London are divided into 3 categories. A complete overview of the fares and condition can be found on the Eurostar Fares page.
The main conditions are listed below:

Travelling with both regular trains and Eurostar


  • Rebooking possible
  • € 40 fee when rebooking

Price 2nd class: € 59 - € 204
Price 1st class: € 132 - € 259

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Travelling with both Thalys and Eurostar


  • Cheapest tickets
  • No rebooking
  • Limited availablitly

Price 2nd class: € 79 - € 228
Price 1st class: n.a.

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  • Rebooking possible
  • Cancellation free of charge
  • Plenty of availability

Price 2nd class: € 227 - € 349
Price 1st class: € 246 - € 418

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  • Rebooking free of charge
  • Cancellation free of charge
  • Only 1st class

Price 2nd class: n.a.
Price 1st class: € 430

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1st class train tickets to London

When travelling with Eurostar to London, passengers can choose from 3 different classes.

Business trip to London?

Going on a business trip to London? We offer you specific information for corporate travel with Eurostar to London on our London business page.

Business trip to London

Upon arrival at London St. Pancras

After a fast and comfortable journey on Eurostar you will arrive at London St Pancras station in the centre London. London has an excellent public transport system that consists of subways and buses. With the special Oyster Card you can travel on all bus and subway lines in London. The Oyster Card is for sale online at, for example

And when travelling from London St. Pancras to a destination that is not easily accessible by bus or subway, there are always sufficient taxis available at the front of the station.

Advantage of your Eurostar ticket

Your Eurostar ticket is worth much more than you think! With your Eurostar ticket you can get Eurostar discount for many fun and inspiring activities.

Read more about Eurostar Plus

Hotels in London

Travel tips London

More info Eurostar

Need a ticket from London to the Netherlands?

Just need a one-way ticket from London? That is of course also possible.
Below you can see the most commonly bought tickets to the Netherlands from Paris:






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