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Cheap tickets to Brussels

From the Randstad Holland you can travel in just a few hours to Brussels with the train. Fast and in comfort with Thalys or with the international Intercity service to our Southern neighbours! Thalys tickets can be purchased three months before departure, the earlier you book, the lower the price.

For other train services to Belgium (international Intercity and all-stations service) you can book your ticket up until the day of departure. The cheaper tickets are:
A Super Day Return Belgium is valid for just one day. Travel is permitted after 09.00 hrs on Mondays through Fridays and the entire day on weekends, on certain national holidays and in July and August.
A Weekend Return is valid Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. In weekends such as Easter, Ascension Day and Pentecost, the weekends are extended to include those national holidays. More about ticket prices to Brussels

Your trip to Brussels

Want to take a city trip to Brussels or need to go there on business? With Thalys you can travel from Amsterdam Central directly to Brussels, where you get off in the very heart of the city. From The Hague (Den Haag HS) there are 8 Intercity services that run directly to Brussels, in the weekend this train runs till Antwerp Central.

For a complete overview, please consult the international itinerary planner. Please also check the latest international travel updates shortly before embarking on your journey.

Overview travel times to Brussels with Thalys

Route Travel time Change trains
Amsterdam-Brussels 1:49 0
Schiphol-Brussels 1:34 0
Rotterdam-Brussels 1:10 0
Utrecht-Brussels 2:06 1

Overview travel times to Brussels with Intercity

Route Travel time Change trains
Amsterdam-Brussels 3:23 0
Schiphol-Brussels 3:08 0
Rotterdam-Brussels 2:10 0
Utrecht-Brussels 2:58 1

Price train tickets to Brussels

There are different prices for Thalys train tickets to Brussels; it depends on the following:

  • If you want to travel to Brussels with Thalys or the regular train service.
  • How early you book your ticket. And the availability of certain tickets.
  • The amount of flexibility to re-book or cancel your ticket.
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Tickets of Intercity and all-station services have a fixed rate and are not dependant on the moment of booking or the availability of tickets.

Thalys fares

The prices of train tickets to Paris are divided into 3 categories. A complete overview of the fares and condition can be found on the Thalys Fares page.
The main conditions are listed below:


  • Cheapest tickets
  • Re-booking not possible
  • Limited availability

Thalys 2nd class: € 29
Thalys 1st class: n.a.

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  • Can be altered once
  • 50% refund
  • Sufficient availability

Thalys 2nd class: € 45 - € 79
Thalys 1st class: € 49 - € 89

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  • No costs for changing ticket
  • No costs for cancellation
  • Always available

Thalys 2nd class: n.a.
Thalys 1st class: € 109

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Fares Intercity Brussels

2nd class 1st class
standard price discount NS route free travel NS route standard fare discount NS route free travel NS route
One-way € 42.00 € 32.00 € 17,00 € 68.80 € 51,80 € 26.20
Return € 84.00 € 64.00 € 34,00 € 137,60 € 103,60 € 52,40
Day return € 53.80 - € 23,80 € 87,80 - € 36,60
Weekend return € 50.40 - € 20.40 € 68.80 - € 26.20
Youth € 27.40 € 26.10 € 11.10 € 44.70 € 42.60 € 17.00

Prices when travelling from Amsterdam Centraal.

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Extra comfort: travel 1st class

Treat yourself to some extra comfort with Thalys's Comfort 1 (1st class).

  • Comfortbale seats with plenty of leg room
  • Free wifi
  • Free catering served at your seat

Brussels: Europe's beautiful capital

Europe's capital, Brussels, has so much to offer, like the beautiful main square with its old guild houses and plenty of terraces and cafes where you can drink a Belgian beer. Enjoy the many tourist attractions like Manneken Pis, the Atomium and many museums. You can also enjoy shopping or in the evening the bustling nightlife. By train you can travel from the Randstad to the heart of Brussels in two hours.





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